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Rock-Paper-Scissors for Apple Watch

R/P/S brings the fun of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to Apple Watch. Now featuring "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard" mode. Use Force Touch to access rules, game mode and statistics.

"Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard" is a variant of the classic game that was made famous on "The Big Bang Theory" and appears on Apple Watch with permission from game inventors, Sam Kass and Karen Bryla.

Whether you call it Rock-Paper-Scissors, roshambo, ick-ack-ock or ching-chang-walla, this game is one of the classic ways to make deicisions, settle arguments or just waste time. Now it's available in the ultimate high tech format.

No friends? No problem. With R/P/S it's just you against your Apple Watch in hand-to-hand, actually hand-to-wrist, combat.

The game keeps extensive statistics for each round so you'll always know how well you're doing.

 Classic mode (Rock Paper Scissors)

 Enhanced mode (Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard)

Use Force Touch at the main screen
to access Rules, Statistics and Setup
(mode switch, countdown, stats reset)

Support, comments, features

email: Support@TwoBitSupport.com